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How We Work..??

An opportunity sought and won cannot be declined at will…

Declining job opportunities quite often lead to a huge embarrassment to the employer and a negative impression on the job-seeker.

No matter, how genuine your reason might be, the employer will never again consider you for future job openings. A confession indeed might help. But for an instance if the recipient's mail doesn’t work anymore, the organization still considers you as a no go. A job opportunity decline results in a chaos for an employer as it has a direct impact on their business and reputation. It also hurts the efforts right from a recruiter till a hiring manager.

Unfortunately, declining an offer is considered to be an insult to the organization regardless of whatever is the reason. Surprisingly, there is no direct connect between the organization and the job-seeker to admit a fair explanation and change the impression. It is a collateral damage that occurs as a result of this unprecedented scenario and either sides become helpless.

OfferDropper enables this connect and becomes a platform for the job-seekers' to write their explanation and justify their decision to turn down the offer. You can let the employers know the actual reason which keeps alive the chance of reconsideration as well as remain clean in the open market.

How it works?
  1. Create a profile and show-case your background and professional experience.
  2. Let employers know if you are an active job-seeker.
  3. Post the updates on your interviews and offers finalization.
  4. In case you tend to decline an offer, please post the reason and justify.
  1. The transparent confessions and updates through this platform will secure your reputation as a good resource.
  2. This will create a significant impact on the employers for considering you to join their organization.
  3. History and record of your longevity in your employment are always highlighted with recommendations from employers that give you an edge to stand strong in the market.
Hiring is only half done, on boarding comprehends the fulfillment…
  • Interviewed Job-Seeker, Satisfied…!
  • Released offer, Relieved…!!
  • Job-Seeker dropped out, Disappointed…???

A traditional scenario that has often caught the employers in surprise and left them helpless. A challenging situation that has disrupted the efforts of the recruiters, managers and the organization on the whole has shown a significant adverse impact on the business.

We at OfferDropper, have envisioned the need to create certain moral and professional responsibility for both the employers and job-seekers. This innovation will not only unleash the facts and challenges of every job offer but will also bring down the drop out ratio to an extent pragmatically possible.

At the outset, it is a path-breaking attempt to build an inferential understanding among employers and job seekers to hash out the gaps in their failure to collaborate together. Employers can verify the “reason for decline” while resume screening to endure their trust on the resource they wanted to hire. It is imperative that unfeigned reasoning can lead to an encouraging outcome and perhaps, eliminate the suspicion and enable both to work together.

How it works?

We extend an opportunity for the job seekers to voice out their concern and actual reason to turn down a Job offer. Not every resource does it intentionally. Our research has divulged that most of the job seekers are not aware on the business impact due to their job offer decline. Also, a minimum of 30% of the resources are not active job seekers rather they give interviews only due to frustration on their managers. Besides, 20% of them get convinced by the retention policies of their employers.

The confessions and explanations given directly by the job seekers themselves gives you the perfect impression on the resources. This gives you a scope of due diligence before releasing the Job offer to every resource and can know the history and background without any expense. This increases your hiring ratio and eliminate the misfits from being offered.

This service is initiated to develop and evolve transparency and professional attributes in the resources and therefore, we take pride in offering this service to the employers.

  1. Gain confidence on the job-seekers' commitment before releasing the offer.
  2. History and confession of the resource by himself/herself clears the preliminary background.
  3. Authenticate the details provided by the resource.
  4. Volume hiring employers can build a strong database of resources serving notice period.